Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last night we got a lot of pics taken of my new products. Yay!! Now I can start posting them on Etsy today. Here is a picture of the almond bar I made...this is my new favorite scent!!! The smell holds up so nicely in the soap. I added ground almond to the bar too for extra exfoliation. I'm glad I made a small one for myself otherwise I might have to keep this one! We also got some good photos of the dog soap I made. We got PeeWee to pose in front of the soap but then we tried to get some photos of him after he had a bath with the soap and that proved to be more difficult than we thought and we had to end up scrapping the idea because he was too wound up and wouldn't do anything we asked! Check out my Etsy page to see my new product additions!


CoraLea said...

What a great picture!
You have picture taking down- I am still working on mine.
Great story about the dog- I can totally picture it - lol :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos turned out awesome, and the new breast cancer soap sounds yumm!

I'm adding you to my blog roll hun, have a great day!!
Janell ~

Candice said...

Thanks but I owe the picture taking to my boyfriend...he is a genius with the camera!!

WendiWinn said...

wow. your soaps are awesome. i have a horrible handmade soap addiction. :)

Candice said...

Thanks wendiwinn! I have a horrible addiction to them as well...to making them and using them! Right now we have about 6 different scents in the shower!