Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quiet but not

Sorry it's been quiet around here. There's been so much going on, I'm having a hard time focusing on one thing. I have been super busy with wedding planning and honeymoon planning. We finally found a location!! I'm also trying to stay focused on my goals for Kopah and my new year's resolutions. I sort of lost momentum for a little while but I'm trying to get back on track. I hope to be posting more regularly soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wedding blog update

For all of you who have been following my wedding planning, I am back in full swing and will be updating the blog on a regular basis.


This weekend was spent huddled up inside, watching the snow fall, catching up on reading, baking and eating, playing our new Wii, finishing the final book in the Twilight Series, drinking wine, eating cheese, having tea, being lazy, staying in our pajamas all day, finishing up to-do lists, spending time together, keeping warm next to the radiator, making soap, keeping up with new years resolutions, wedding planning. A perfect weekend back home in our cozy apartment.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Go Gators!!!!

Wish 'em luck tonight!

Weekly goals: Jan 5th

So one of my resolutions was to post weekly goals for Kopah here. I figure this is a good way to track my progress and hold myself accountable! I'm going to start out slow since this is my first week back from vacation and I have a lot of other "housekeeping" to attend to.

Business goals for week of Jan 5th:
1. Make soaps - 3 batches
- Orange Ginger
- Lavender Orange
- Chai Tea
2. Go through supplies and order more
3. Read through soap books, try new techniques for layering and swirling soap

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For all the locals...

Lotta Jansdotter is holding a surface printing workshop at her studio in Brooklyn on Jan 17th and March 7th. I'm a huge Lotta fan and this class looks like a lot of fun. It would probably be a great accompaniment to her book, Lotta Prints.

Photo: Lotta Jansdotter


This year I have created 2 sets of resolutions, 1 personal set and 1 business set. I'm hoping by posting them here it will help me stay on track for actually keeping them!

Personal Resolutions:
1. Plan a beautiful wedding that is really about Mike and I and reflects our style and personal taste
2. Learn how to knit (again!)
3. Get back into yoga
4. Save money
5. Sew more, expand projects - i.e. quilts, clothes, etc.
6. Focus on Kopah, bring in income (see business resolutions!)
7. Learn German, become conversational
8. Try to be a more thrifty shopper
9. Stop procrastinating!
10. Stop accumulating so much unneeded stuff
11. Eat better, less sugar and processed foods.
12. Start juicing again
13. Exercise, stay fit
14. 2 crafting projects a month

Kopah Resolutions/Goals:
1. Expand inventory, have a better variety of soaps and other bath and body items
2. Take new photos, shop needs a cohesive look
3. Create mailing labels for orders
4. Expand product line beyond bath and body products
5. Perfect product packaging and presentation
6. Create gift sets for products
7. Work on being featured by blogs
8. Promote shop
9. Order new postcards and business cards
10. Organize supplies, use what I have on hand to make things before ordering new supplies
11. Work on new projects and ideas, stop procrastinating
12. Be prepared for peak buying times, stock shop appropriately - i.e. Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.
13. Keep up with blog posting
14. Post weekly business goals on blog

Well there you have it. I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while! What are some of your goals?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I'm back in New York. We drove all day Saturday and arrived in the city shortly after midnight. Now I am just trying to get back to my routines and there are a million things to do...laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping. Oh what I wouldn't give to be back at my parent's cabin. It was an amazing vacation, relaxing and just what I needed. I am feeling refreshed and focused. I have a lot of goals for this year, both personal and business related. I will be sharing them here shortly. I just need a couple of days to get re-adjusted to normal life and then I promise to get back to regular posting.