Monday, November 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

We are back from our trip. We had a blast. Newport is such a quaint little town, we want to go back over the summer so we can enjoy the beautiful beaches. It reminded me so much of Kodiak, Alaska where I grew up. As you can see from the pictures, the leaves were still changing so we got to see some really beautiful foliage. We ate a ton of great food, did a ton of walking, and I got caught up on a lot of reading (I subscribe to 16 magazines a month so my reading can really pile up at times!). I also got a chance to start a new book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which has got me hooked. It was such a relaxing vacation, just what I needed but to be honest now that I am home I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things! All I can think about is my next vacation which is in three and a half weeks when I head home to Florida to spend the holidays with my family! Well considering I am still in vacation mode that is all I am going to write for now. Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy the pics.

A mansion along the Cliffwalk

This is me on the Cliffwalk

Mike walking through a tunnel along the Cliffwalk

Downtown Newport

Beautiful Fall Foliage

PeeWee, all curled up in one of my sweaters!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vacation is here...Finally!

Wow, I can't believe Wednesday is here and I leave for my vacation in Newport, Rhode Island in a couple of hours. I have been so busy these past couple of days, a huge custom order came in and I had three other orders to get out. In my scurry to get it all done I ended up messing up two orders resulting in a second trip to the post office! But finally, everything is done and I can leave feeling assured that everything is taken care of. I am so excited for my trip. Tomorrow we are having dinner at the hotel. They offer a Thanksgiving buffet that looks amazing. Then we have afternoon tea on Friday and massage appointments on Saturday. It is going to be 4 days of bliss! I hate leaving Kopah during this time because it has been so busy but I am hoping that people will be busy with the holiday and not have the urge to shop on Etsy! I also feel like I have been neglecting my blog lately but once I return from vacation I plan to kick it into high gear and work on my blog and my shop as I have lots of great products to list and lots of great gift sets I am working on for the holidays. I am very excited to start working on all the new projects I have in mind. This vacation will be just the creative break I need! I promise to take lots of pictures to share. Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!! May you all be blessed with lots of family memories, good times, and full bellies!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have found my new favorite store...Anthropologie is amazing! I was on the train Friday night coming home from work and this girl had two lampshades she had just bought from there and they were adorable. So when Mike and I were in Soho this weekend we went in the store and I instantly fell in love with EVERYTHING! Their housewares are adorable and have such a cute vintage feel to them and of course their clothes are amazing! I still can not get over how cute everything in their store was! One of my dreams is to open up a tea shop and cafe and I would love to furnish it with all of the china they have at Anthropologie. I wanted to buy everything I picked up! Mike and I decided we would buy these lettered coat hooks for our entry hallway so we could hang our winter coats on them but they were out of "C" and "M" so we walked out with nothing :( Their website doesn't have the coat hooks either so I guess I will have to keep checking the store.

I was able to start working on some new products over the weekend including a bath powder that I am in love with. It's made with lavender and vanilla essential oils and it smells wonderful. Hopefully this week I will be able to get a bunch of things labeled and photographed to post to Etsy. I am trying to get everything done before my vacation next Wednesday, 7 days and counting. I am so excited!

P.S. Spell check was not working so if there are spelling errors in this post please forgive me! I almost won a spelling bee in the fifth grade but I emphasize the word almost! ;)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Almost there....

I'm almost finished with my wholesale order! I have 22 left to make. So I am sitting here watching the Florida/South Carolina game and making soap! In between batches I have been trying to work on some other products. I just made a lavender orange salt soak. It smells so good I just had to take a bath and test it! I included a pic of it below. Now all I have to do is create a label for it so I can post it to Etsy. I made a lavender salt soak a few weeks ago, I just haven't had the time to create labels so hopefully I will have those done this week. I am really excited to get some new products listed to Etsy and expand my product line beyond soaps!

Last weekend my mom and I went to Pearl River which is this great store in Soho that sells all kinds of kitschy things. They have this AMAZING selection of dishware and tea sets and sushi sets and I found this adorable little bowl. I was going to use it on my dresser for jewelry but then decided it would make a very cute soap dish in my bathroom. We have tons of my soaps in the shower but none at the sink so I put a lavender orange and berry wine in the dish. I think it looks so cute and it gives guests a chance to use my soaps :)

Friday, November 9, 2007


I have been making soap every night this week...I am so exhausted! I am halfway through my wholesale order and should have it completed by Sunday. I have been working every night after work until 11 just to get it done and I am exhausted and overwhelmed because as soon as I am finished with this wholesale order I have to finish getting everything ready for the show I am doing the day after Thanksgiving. This has not been a fun week and I think Mike is starting to get upset because his kitchen has been taken over by soap! We have had to eat out every night this week and because I am so rushed to get back to the apartment and finish working on the soaps we have resorted to eating sandwiches from the bodega every night. I am going to turn into a hoagie roll soon! I am so looking forward to our little vacation over Thanksgiving. Mike and I are heading to Newport, Rhode Island for Thanksgiving. We are staying at this adorable little hotel and it is going to be 4 days of relaxation and quiet. I can't wait! I love the city but with tourist season in full swing it's starting to get a little crazy here. When my mom was in town over the weekend we went to see Dan in Real Life (great movie by the way!) and it was all filmed in Rhode Island, it looks beautiful. I have never been but can imagine that it is going to be breathtaking. I'll be sure to take lots of pics for the blog! 12 days and counting....Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thank you...

This post is for my boyfriend, Mike. He has been helping me so much lately with Kopah, making labels, helping me package shipments, cutting the soap for curing, getting the soap out of the stupid molds because I never can! Without him I wouldn't be able to make this business run and I am so grateful for his help. He never complains, even when he has to come home after working all day at his full time job and help me take a dozen pictures of new product or help me create my business cards, or help me with a million other things that I ask him to do for Kopah. He knows this is my dream and so he helps me every step of the way and I am so grateful to him for that. So Mike if you are reading this, I love you and I never take for granted what you do for me! Thank you!

My boys...

Monday, November 5, 2007


I'm a little sad today because my mom left this morning to go back to Florida. We had so much fun while she was here but I always get depressed when she leaves. I guess I should look on the bright side of things though, I will see her in six weeks when I head down to Florida for the holidays, it's just always hard to say goodbye!

I took a day off of work today so I could work on this HUGE wholesale order I have to have ready by next week! I am going to be making soap every day on top of everything I have to get ready for the craft show in two weeks. Plus I am making most of my Christmas gifts this year so I need to start on that. I am making a couple of quilts (this will be my first attempt at quilts, yikes!!) and I wanted to start on some of these projects today but I have finally started to get a rhythm going with this soap order so I don't know how much sewing I will be able to get done today :( Plus the apartment is a mess from the weekend so I need to try and get that straightened up and Mike and I have to go to our storage unit and pull out our winter clothes. We still haven't done that and it is getting COLD up here! I have been wearing my trench coat which is super thin and really not suitable for the weather we have been having!!

Well I better get back to soapmaking and I really need to get up and change the song on my keeps playing classical music and I need something with a bit more energy if I am going to get through this soap order! Happy Monday everyone!