Friday, November 9, 2007


I have been making soap every night this week...I am so exhausted! I am halfway through my wholesale order and should have it completed by Sunday. I have been working every night after work until 11 just to get it done and I am exhausted and overwhelmed because as soon as I am finished with this wholesale order I have to finish getting everything ready for the show I am doing the day after Thanksgiving. This has not been a fun week and I think Mike is starting to get upset because his kitchen has been taken over by soap! We have had to eat out every night this week and because I am so rushed to get back to the apartment and finish working on the soaps we have resorted to eating sandwiches from the bodega every night. I am going to turn into a hoagie roll soon! I am so looking forward to our little vacation over Thanksgiving. Mike and I are heading to Newport, Rhode Island for Thanksgiving. We are staying at this adorable little hotel and it is going to be 4 days of relaxation and quiet. I can't wait! I love the city but with tourist season in full swing it's starting to get a little crazy here. When my mom was in town over the weekend we went to see Dan in Real Life (great movie by the way!) and it was all filmed in Rhode Island, it looks beautiful. I have never been but can imagine that it is going to be breathtaking. I'll be sure to take lots of pics for the blog! 12 days and counting....Have a great weekend everyone!


Felicia said...

Stay positive and focused. You can do it! Its only this busy for a short time and then you'll have that lovely vacation. I'm visiting from the Etsy forums :)

Candice said...

Thanks Felicia! I am really looking forward to that vacation :)