Saturday, November 10, 2007

Almost there....

I'm almost finished with my wholesale order! I have 22 left to make. So I am sitting here watching the Florida/South Carolina game and making soap! In between batches I have been trying to work on some other products. I just made a lavender orange salt soak. It smells so good I just had to take a bath and test it! I included a pic of it below. Now all I have to do is create a label for it so I can post it to Etsy. I made a lavender salt soak a few weeks ago, I just haven't had the time to create labels so hopefully I will have those done this week. I am really excited to get some new products listed to Etsy and expand my product line beyond soaps!

Last weekend my mom and I went to Pearl River which is this great store in Soho that sells all kinds of kitschy things. They have this AMAZING selection of dishware and tea sets and sushi sets and I found this adorable little bowl. I was going to use it on my dresser for jewelry but then decided it would make a very cute soap dish in my bathroom. We have tons of my soaps in the shower but none at the sink so I put a lavender orange and berry wine in the dish. I think it looks so cute and it gives guests a chance to use my soaps :)

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