Friday, October 26, 2007

New Stuff!

I just bought the Xyron 510 Sticker Maker! I am so excited! I have been wanting this for a while now along with the Print Gocco which is way too expensive for me to buy right now! Anyway, I found a great deal on it at the website so I decided to buy it. I am starting to make things that require sticky labels and I am hoping I can make them myself with this machine...we'll see how it goes! The machine laminates and makes magnets too. I'm so excited for it to get here! I also received my supply order today which has a ton of great new fragrance oils in it. Among the many that I ordered, the two that stand out are the Cherry Almond and Sandalwood Vanilla...they are both awesome!! The Sandalwood Vanilla is supposed to be a more masculine smell but I don't think so at all....I love it! I can't wait to start working with these. I am going to be so busy getting product ready for the show next month, I think I am going to be making soap every night!

I just found out my mom is coming into town next weekend, I am so excited!! She hasn't been to the city since last November so I can't wait for her to come up. I have a ton of new places in the city to show her and I haven't seen her since June so I am definitely looking forward to her visit. We have massage appointments at Bliss and we are going to go shopping in SOHO and have tea at the Mandarin Oriental and the leaves are still changing in Central Park so she will be able to see that (something she doesn't normally get to see living in Florida!). It's going to be such a blast! Mike will be in Florida for a wedding so it will be quality time for me and my mom.

This weekend should be pretty low key. Just going to watch the Gator game tomorrow and relax. I was sick this week and still feeling a little worn out from that so I plan on taking it easy and making soap, lots and lots of soap! Have a great weekend everyone.


KiWi said...

oo!oo! I have a Xyron 510, too. I love Xyron products.

Melissa said...

Your mom didn't tell me that she was coming to see you!!! I want to know more about the sticker maker you bought!! Email me this weekend with the details!!!