Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Heart NY

I have lived in NY for almost two years now and the city never ceases to amaze me! This Saturday Mike and I decided to brave the rain and head out to Standard, a screen printing supply store in Tribeca, to pick up some supplies. Of course we neglected to check their hours before venturing down there and they are closed on the weekends! As we were getting ready to jump back on the train we decided to walk instead, even though it was pouring down rain (thank God for rain boots!). We walked up to Soho and somehow ended up on a street we had never been on before which is always an adventure when you are in New York. We stumbled upon some of the neatest stores. I found this old antique shop that had all these beautiful vintage Louis Vuittion trunks.

I would LOVE one of these. I think it would be such a beauitful piece to hold blankets in a guest bedroom (which I of course don't have, but it's a nice thought). I was afraid to ask how much they were and they were the only items in the store without a price tag! It's going on my wish list!
We also found this gallery, Elizabeth Street Gallery. They had this amazing collection of antique objects from all over the world. This is what I love about the city, all the amazing things you find just by walking around. It was such a great day!

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Melissa said...

Oh I really like that chest!!! I too would be afraid to know the price tag : )