Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Back

We got in last night. It was a great trip, I was sick for most of it but it was still a lot of fun. It's getting harder and harder to say goodbye to family and friends though, I was so bummed out last night and still am today. I'm supposed to sell at the Brooklyn Flea this weekend but I had to cancel, being sick last week and being out of town for the past few days has really taken it's toll on me and I need to get some much needed rest. I'm bummed but I think it's for the best, I'm still feeling run down and congested and I would still need to do so much to get ready for it. Hopefully I will be able to participate next month! Sorry for the short post but I have a ton of stuff to do at work since I've been out for the past couple of days!

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Anonymous said...

Awww... hang in there hunney, you'll feel better soon.