Thursday, July 17, 2008


We were at the emergency vet with PeeWee last night. He had his first incident with back issues last night. He "went down" as they call it and for a few minutes seemed to lose mobility in his back legs all together. He started walking again but his entire back side was tight and trembling and he yelped when I went to pick him up so finally we decided it was time to take him to the emergency vet. He is epileptic so initially we thought he might have been having a seizure but when we got to the vet they confirmed that it was disc/back related. They recommended cage rest for the next six weeks and we are to watch him very carefully because this can cause paralysis and neurological problems. I was up with him throughout the night last night. The trembling finally stopped but he is definitely favoring his back legs and you can tell he is in pain. The doctor gave us some pain meds but told us to use them sparingly. They don't want him to feel like he is better and exert himself and injure himself even more. From my understanding this will be an ongoing's possible he will never go down again or it could be something that happens sporadically for the rest of his life. We just have to watch him and make sure he avoids jumping and too much rough housing. My poor little guy! He seems so helpless and sad, definitely not himself.


Made by Melissa said...

Awww.... poor puppy, he looks like such a cutie pie!

Marilyn said...

Oh no! I hope he'll turn out ok and things get more comfortable for him.

Melissa--KunceKrafts said...

I hope my nephew is doing much better today!!!