Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In the works...

I hope to be adding some new soaps to the shop soon. We had friends in town a few weeks ago and they completely wiped out my inventory! They bought almost everything I had so I am now in the process of re-stocking. I also signed up to do Atlantic Antic with Beacon Bookmarks in October. It sounds like it will be a good turnout.

After doing the Brooklyn Flea in June I decided to hold off on doing shows until the summer was over. It takes a lot to prepare for a show; I generally only keep enough stock for my Etsy shop and I can only make 1 batch of soap a day so it becomes cumbersome to start preparing stock for a show in addition to keeping up with inventory in my shop. Not to mention the fact that the soap takes 4 weeks to cure!

I wanted to do a Christmas show but last year was stressful enough trying to keep up with orders so I think an October show is the perfect balance. I can begin preparing in September when we come back from our trip and once the show in October is over I can start getting ready for the Christmas rush. I can't even believe I am already thinking about the Christmas rush...where does the time go?!


Joanna said...

I went to the Atlantic Antic every year since I was a kid! Haven't gone in 10 years - glad to know it still rolls.

Marilyn said...

You know the {NewNew} is still planning to do a show in December, would you be interested in doing that? It's too bad you can't do the Beacon show.