Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My new love

I am a reality tv's one of my vices. I'm not really into the American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, contest type shows...I like the documentary style shows like Flipping Out, Little People Big World, and my new favorite Ashley Paige, Bikini or Bust. Ashley Paige is an independent fashion designer who specializes in knit bikinis. She has a shop in LA and the show captures the crazy drama of running a business, having a non-profit dog rescue, and living with her mother who means well but often ends up making more of a mess of things!

The show is really inspiring though because it shows the struggles and realities of being an indie fashion designer. Ashley Paige is a household name in the fashion industry and has shown at numerous LA Fashion Weeks but she lacks the manufacturing abilities to produce her bikinis on a larger scale. She struggles to even make rent and often times has to sell her bikinis at wholesale to other LA boutiques even though she makes almost no money by doing so because of the low profit margins (I can totally relate to this!). The show is cute, funny, and inspiring...definitely worth adding to your DVR list!

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