Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So Monday morning I was going to work and fell down the stairs in my apartment building. I bruised my tailbone! Nothing like coming back from vacation and injuring yourself! It was so bad I almost passed out! Very scary! The doctor said there isn't much they can do except manage the pain so they sent me off with a prescription and told me to go buy a doughnut which I refuse to sit on at work but I am using it at home and I seem to be getting better every day. I'm so paranoid of falling again though, it isn't the first time I've slipped and fallen on those damn stairs! Ugg, welcome back to reality...the vacation is definitely over!

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Joanna said...

I hope you feel better... :( Falling is awful and I do it way to often. Balance inner ear problems or just uncoordinated? Say what you will, accidents happen. If you wrap your donut in a pretty pillowcae or linen tablecloth, it won't look so much like a donut and more like a cushion that people will actually be jealous of.

Take those pain pills and use your donut. Maybe it will all feel so good to be floating on a donut while floating on a pain pill while eating a real donut. With sprinkles.