Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday is here!!!

I am sitting here enjoying a yummy cup of vanilla tea and wondering why in New York they insist on putting slivered almonds on top of cheese danishes. Cheese danishes are my favorite breakfast treat and for some reason every restaurant I order one from up here decides that slivered almonds should go on top of them....I don't get it! So the weekend is upon us, I am looking forward to it. Tonight Mike and I are dining for free at The Palm as part of a mystery shopper assignment I received. This will be the third time we have gotten to eat at The Palm for free and we are looking forward to a nice FREE steak dinner tonight. :) Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, not too much planned...exploring the city, making soap, football games, brunch...ok maybe a lot planned ;) I made a bunch of soap this week so I am anxious to get pictures taken and start posting to Etsy on Monday. I made a baby soap a few nights ago...I took quite a few pictures of the process to post to this blog but haven't gotten a chance too. It will be ready in 4 weeks so I am pretty excited about that. I also have a craft show to prepare for. My best friend Melissa was kind enough to offer to sell some of my wares at the show she is doing in Florida the day after Thanksgiving so I am very grateful to her and will be very busy making lots of goodies to send to her before Nov. 23rd. Well that's all for now...will be sure to post again soon. Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!

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