Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I currently have a love hate relationship with my computer...I have been glued to the screen all morning reading through the new blog I disovered, Make It. I want so badly to stop reading but I can't!! So now I have a headache and some serious eye strain.

I received a very nice e-mail yesterday from a fellow soap maker who had discovered my blog and gave me props for making soap in a 300 square foot apartment! I thought I would share with everyone this pic of just how small my kitchen really is. I don't even think you could really call this a kitchen as it is simply a corner of my living space where they hung some cabinets and appliances but for all intensive purposes, we will call it a kitchen! *Note the VERY limited counterspace!

I went to Purl last night to pick up fabric and was distraught when I got all the way to the shop only to find the front window cleared of all displays and two girls looking more distraught than me, tearing apart the radiator with a sign in the window saying "Shop closed until 6:30 for store emergency!" Needless to say, I didn't get to pick up any fabric for my projects so I had to make an executive decision with less than two weeks left until Christmas....the quilt for my grandparents is not going to get done. Which is probably a good idea considering I have no motivation to sew in this apartment because it literally takes me 15 minutes to pull everything out from its respective hiding spot or nook or dusty place under the couch and when I do finally get all set up you can't open the fridge!! I long for the day when I can have a whole room devoted to my crafts and soap and I don't have to fight for a flat surface in my apartment but that is the sacrifice I must make to live in one of the best cities in the world, in my opinion of course ;)

Oh, BTW...for those of you who are wondering I have not abandoned my countdown to Christmas, I have just had some serious creative block when it comes to posting ideas so if anyone has ideas I would love to hear them and/or stay tuned for this weekend when I will be blogging about Christmas baking!


Dharma Designs said...

Uh-oh - I'm addicted now, too. LOL

Joanna Schmidt said...

First of all, I still love your soap and it remains one of my favorites of all times - and I STILL think our packaging style is awesome!

#2 I LOVE H&H bagels!! Glad to see someone is enjoying them.

#3 I can't believe you soap in such a tiny space. Where do you "cure" the soap? On top of those beautiful cabinets in the kitchen?

ps: loving your blog. come visit me!

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

The H&H Bagels caught my eye too. :) I'm a bagelholic. I can eat them three times a day every day...but I guess that wouldn't be healthy in the long run.

Joanna Schmidt said...

I meant to write:
"I still think YOUR packaging style is awesome!" Misspoke and didn't re-read.... a habit I need to break.

best, Joanna

Candice said...

Thanks Joanna!! That is so nice of you!

I couldn't figure out where all the H&H Bagel comments were coming from and then I went back through the post and noticed the bag in the picture! We used to live right next to one and would go get them every Saturday and Sunday morning...I am totally addicted to them!