Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cute stuff

Check out this pincushion I ordered from Thecherrystem. I just got it in the mail yesterday, I love it!! I am thinking of getting one for my mom for Christmas.

I received a supply shipment on Friday filled with tons of new fragrances I am dying to try. Of course this will all have to wait until the new year because I am too busy to get into new stuff right now so they are all stored away in my supply cabinet...*sigh* Some scents to look forward to include: Kumquat, Champagne, and Black Tea. Well I am leaving work now to head over to Purl Soho to pick up some fabric for some Christmas gifts I still need to finish...er...start!

Oh, BTW I almost forgot to mention this AWESOME blog I found yesterday...it's called Make It and it is geared towards craft entrepreneurship. Right now she is documenting the first 100 days of launching her handmade gift wrap business. I'm addicted! I have been reading through her archives all day today (while trying to look busy at work!!).

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Cupcakes & Yoga said...

Ooh Kumquat! I need to check out Purl Soho sometime, even though I don't sew, the fabric could come in handy. :)

And thanks for posting the link to that blog, I'm gonna go check it out right now!