Monday, December 17, 2007

Countdown to Christmas...Day 17

So Mike gave me a bit of grief today because I have been slacking on my "Countdown to Christmas." I have just gotten bogged down with all kinds of other Christmas projects and have sort of let this slide! I promise to do better next year!! Anyway, here is a helpful bit about how to ship cookies. I always worry about how my baked goods actually arive when I ship them to people who are probably too nice to tell me that they arrived in a crumbled mess and completely inedible!! So here are some great tips on how to properly ship those holiday cookies you slaved away at for hours!

1. Stack cookies and roll in bubble wrap to form a log.
2. Pack into a small tight box with more bubble wrap, then place inside a slightly larger box. This will help prevent crushing.
3. Wait for the last pickup of the day and send frosted or meltable cookies by air, planes are cooler than trucks.

Now rest assured that all that hard work you put into your cookies will pay off when your recipient receives their delicious baked goods fully in tact!!

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Melissa said...

What a helpful tip hehe!!