Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Ideas

Most of the supplies I ordered last week are here so now I am anxious to get started on some of my new recipes. I will be busy this weekend!! I've been perusing the web all day reading blogs and getting inspiration for Kopah. I stumbled across some really neat sites and found some fun new things I want to try. I am not ready to share yet but will keep you posted on my ideas soon! I'm really excited about them though, it will be fun to try some new things with soap!

On a different note, I am super excited because I got a coupon in the mail (actually Mike got the coupon but I am stealing it, sorry baby!) for Princeton Ski Shops. The coupon is for 35% off of any single item of clothing. I have my eye on this awesome Burton jacket so I called today thinking there was no way it was going to be good for Burton ski jackets in the middle of the season and they told me it was! So we are going this weekend to get it, yeah!!

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