Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You know who you look like?!

Ever heard those dreaded words?! Sometimes I'm scared to hear what's going to follow after I hear someone utter "You know who you look like?" No, who...Gene Simmons...Sloth from Goonies?! Who?!

After reading blog posts by Betz, Anna Maria, and Beki about people they've been told they look like I thought I would hop on the bandwagon and share who I've been told I look like! (Luckily no one has ever seen a resemblance between me and Sloth!)

So I know everyone knows who Claire Danes is, and back when she was doing the show My So Called Life I was told by a few people, including my mom that I looked like her. I never quite saw the resemblance!

The other one I get all the time is Juliette Lewis...I really don't see it but I have had so many people tell me that I look like her!

So tell me, who have you been told you look like?


bound staff press said...

Jamie Hyneman is my twin.

tootsiegrace said...

There was a short phase in my early college days where I discovered my nickname around campus was Jennifer Love.

Now I just look old!!

Andrea said...

My mom too used to say I looked like Claire Danes during that my so called life must've been the moody, pouty faces of teenage years.
Got Tia Carrer a lot when I had long hair. Now I just look like a boy :(

sara girlscantell said...

i used to get wynona ryder all the time, around the time her shoplifting escapades were all the tabloid rage. nice.