Thursday, February 21, 2008


I managed to get home just in time to watch the Project Runway reunion show and in the words of Christian, it was "fierce!" My cable kept messing up though so there were whole parts that would just freeze up and then it would skip ahead to the commercials. Hopefully I didn't miss anything important! Is it me or did it seem like Victoria was very bitter? I was never a big fan of her anyway but she seemed to have some kind of chip on her shoulder...everyone was laughing and having a good time and then Tim would ask her a question and she would barely respond! I can't wait to see what everyone showed at Fashion Week, I have been good and stayed away from the spoilers because I want to be surprised!

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last night? I noticed it when I was walking home from my knitting class last night. It was amazing, I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. Soule Mama's blog has some great photos of it. Well I'm off to grab lunch, thanks for reading!


Marilyn said...

There was a serious bus up Victoria's butt, or maybe it was the magic of editing. I don't know why she would have been so pissy, she made it to Bryant Park anyway!

I already looked at everyone's line, I know I'm horrible but I didn't want to wait. I don't think you will be disappointed.

I missed the eclipse last night. :(

Infinite Cosmos said...

I blogged about PR yesterday too. I thought it was really funny (but at the same time i felt so sorry for him!) when they showed all the ricky cying shots. He was such a sweetie and you could tell that he was hating seeing himself crying so much but everyone just kept on laughing. Poor guy but it really was so funny because he just cried at the drop of a hat!
I too missed the lunar eclipse. :-( i was too busy policing my child and her wild friend and watching PR!

David Dust said...

SourFace Victorya is evil!

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