Sunday, February 10, 2008


I had such a relaxing weekend, I was home sick on Friday...I succumbed to the bug that has been going around, luckily no vomiting, just achiness and sore throat! So PeeWee and I layed on the couch all day and watched 80's movies. I was feeling much better by Saturday so Mike and I ran some errands and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and working on a 1000 piece puzzle. It is so addicting, we can't stop working on it!

We were able to get some photos taken yesterday too so there are a couple of new items in the shop today! Much more will hopefully be added next week. I made some lip balms that turned out really well but I had some problems sweetening them so they smell great but don't really taste like anything so I am going to try again this week.

Soap Gift Set

Sandalwood Vanilla

Happy Monday everyone!


MGoodell said...

oh, that puzzle looks challenging. Lovely photographs!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I haven't done a puzzle in years! I bet that was fun and relaxing!

Infinite Cosmos said...

mmmm....sandlewood vanilla! my 2 fave scents!!

Infinite Cosmos said...

mmmm....those soaps look so yummy!!