Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My boys

I was going through old pictures and found these of PeeWee when he was a puppy, the first photo is from the first night we brought him home. He was so tiny!! He weighed 2 pounds and he didn't have his snout yet so you couldn't even tell he was a dachshund.

This is Marley, the dog we had to leave behind when we moved to NY (He's living with Mike's mom). He is 90 lbs and PeeWee is 9 lbs so it was a very funny site to see them together. When PeeWee was little they were only allowed to play if PeeWee was on the couch and Marley was on the floor. It was so cute. PeeWee used to run back and forth on the couch and taunt him. PeeWee never knew there was a size difference, he used to climb and chew all over Marley. Luckily Marley did realize the size difference and was always so careful when he played with him. They used to run around the house and chase each other, Marley would start out chasing PeeWee and then all of a sudden they would stop and change direction and PeeWee would start chasing Marley. It made for great entertainment!


Marilyn said...

You are killing me with the cuteness. I love Peewee!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

That must have killed you to leave Marley behind. What a honey and Pee Wee is cute too!!