Thursday, April 10, 2008

Success....I think!

I haven't cut into the bars yet but I think I may have successfully made a batch of soap last night! It's not the Lavender Cream which had been giving me so many problems but I was using a fragrance oil I have never worked with before and since I have been having such bad luck with batches lately I was really scared of what might happen to this one. After I poured it into the mold I kept glancing at it every few minutes, half expecting it to grow legs and walk out of the apartment (this is not a far stretch if you had seen what my last two batches did!) I'm still too scared to make the Lavender Cream, I might try to tackle it this weekend after I get my confidence back with a few simple batches. I am preparing for Brooklyn Flea next month so I am building up my inventory with a lot of fun new scents, which means I will be making soap every night for the next few weeks! I am also excited about some new products I will be adding to the shop next month, including some things not bath and body related which I am really excited about! Stay tuned for updates!

I'm off to grab lunch, I've been told it is absolutely beautiful outside today, something like 60 degrees...spring is here, finally!

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Laura Jane said...

hi!! i just wanted to say hello. your blog is lovely and your soaps sound delicious! i stumbled upon you via the etsy teams link... i live in manhattan too, am new to etsy and just emailed them about joining the ny team. woohoo!