Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am embarrassed to say that we have had this camera for over 2 weeks now and have not taken a single picture with it until last night!! I think we were both a bit intimated by it, I have never used a camera with a big removable lens and thought I would never be able to take a picture with it so I was relying on Mike to take the initiative and get it working (big mistake!). Last night, finally fed up with the fact that we had spent all this money on a camera and the only thing we had done was charge the battery, I finally took it out of the bag and started taking pictures of random things around the apartment. All I can say is, WOW!! It takes amazing pictures! I'm still getting used to all the controls and menus and I know we are going to have to sit down and actually go through the manual for this thing because it isn't as simple as other digital cameras we have had in the past. We got it for our upcoming Alaska trip but I am really looking forward to taking product shots with it!

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Joanna Schmidt said...

It's a beautiful camera. I have the Canon EOS digital version and I love it. Having the option to go manual makes all the difference!