Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Stuff

I just sent off a few items to be included in the Sampler for the MTV Style Lounge goodie bags!! The opportunity came up through the Etsy Street Team I belong to, The New New. I'm a little nervous because instead of sending soaps I sent a new concept for my shop, screen printed grocery totes. I have been wanting to add a more diverse range of products for quite a while now and have been collecting ideas, this is the first one I have actually implemented. I'm very excited about the idea. I am very big on the "green" movement and Mike and I are extremely eco-friendly. We always bring totes to the grocery when we shop and I came up with a cute concept for a grocery tote. I was able to find these incredible tote bags that are made from 100% recycled materials and are a really good quality. I'm hoping to debut them in the shop by early next week. I was so into the screen printing process last night that I forgot to take pictures to post here! I am hoping to have a shop update on Monday so stay tuned!


June Shin said...

good luck with your bags. Sounds like a great idea.

Melissa--KunceKrafts said...

Ohhh Cant wait to see!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! I can't wait to see them!!!