Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farm apprenticeships

So yesterday Mike and I started searching for CSA's available in the city. I know we are a little late in the game for this and most of them are full for the season but we have found a few that are still available! While searching through several farm's websites in upstate New York we noticed that one of them offered an apprenticeship. As we researched further we found out that many farms offer this program to people interested in learning the farming trade. Basically you go to the farm in March or April and work with them, they usually give you a place to stay and a small monthly stipend along with farm produce in exchange for your work. You can work through the season or some farms offer shorter work assignments. Mike and I are seriously considering doing this next season. We really want a farm and neither of us know much about farming except for the small amount of reading we do each month when we get our "farm magazines" in the mail. This is such a great opportunity for people who want to learn and all the farms we have researched are organic! I am so excited about the possibility of doing this. Mike and I are going to research this more this weekend and start contacting farms about their opportunities for next season! Farm life here we come!!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Sounds totally awesome! I know also that Farm Sanctuary has a rescue farm somewhere north of the city. I can get you in touch with them if you are interested. Way to go city girl!!

What do you do with your empty apt?

Candice said...

Joanna - thanks for the info on the Farm Sanctuary, I went and looked them up online. It sounds so interesting. I have been watching all of these things lately about how terrible animals are treated on some of these commercial farms so this is great info...thanks!!