Monday, June 2, 2008

A weekend of food...

Wow! Where do I start...Mike and I did so much cooking over the weekend. I made homemade bread and some delicious herb egg salad, homemade semolina pasta, honey ice cream, and bison burgers. We went to the farmers market in Union Square to pick up some honey for the ice cream and see what other local goodies we could find. We came across a farmer who sold bison so we thought we would give it a try...I was not a fan. It had a very "meaty" taste which I don't like. I thought it might be a good alternative to red meat and it is supposed to be much better for you. The only thing I realized from eating it is that I can live without red meat or any variation of it! Aside from some nasty downpours on Saturday the weekend was seems as if Summer is here to stay!

P.S. Doesn't the new camera take great pictures?!

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Marilyn said...

I'm curious about this herb egg salad. :)