Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Label Update

So you might remember a while back when I mentioned that I was going to be doing a revamp of my packaging. While I haven't mentioned it since, Mike and I have been working behind the scenes trying to get the Craft Robo to work with a Mac...this was more frustrating than you can imagine. We finally got it to kind of work after several installs and uninstalls of many different versions of Adobe Illustrator! After getting it up and running we quickly realized that it wouldn't work with the concept I had designed!

So I spent $300 on a machine that doesn't do what I need it to do! I had envisioned a cigar band style wrap for my soaps with a pink piece of card stock and then a smaller, brown piece of card stock over it with my logo cut out so you would see the pink paper through the brown where the logo had been cut out, similar to my baby soap wrapping

The first problem with the craft robo was that the flower in my logo was too intricate and the cutter couldn't cut the lines that fine...then somehow, it never occurred to me that the lettering would never look right after it had been cut out because of the o,p, and a in kopah.

After a brief panic, I got over it and realized that it wasn't going to work and there was nothing I could do about it. So ever since, Mike and I have been brainstorming other ideas. Finally this weekend I came up with something! I still have a few details to work out but I hope to have it all sorted out by next week along with a shop update (This time I promise, it's really going to happen!)

And if anyone wants to buy a Craft Robo, I have one for sale...

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh hun, I'm so sorry! But, sometimes these crazy things happen for a reason... have fun playing with your new ideas!