Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cabin in the woods...

When we were in Alaska we stayed in the cabin pictured above. It was located back from the beach perched on a little hill so you couldn't see it from the shoreline. It had no electricity, the lights ran off of a solar panel and the water that came through the kitchen sink was collected from rain water.

I loved every minute of it, it was glorified camping but it was so much fun. Our guide who stayed across the island from us in an abandoned cannery built the entire cabin himself with wood scraps from the cannery. The cabin also had a banya, which we used every day when we came back from fishing.

Ever since Mike and I have been back from Alaska we have been dreaming about having a little cabin in the woods like the one we stayed at in Alaska. I've been browsing Sunset Magazine online, they have an amazing resource of cabin retreats that are off the grid.

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Anonymous said...

We want to do an Alaskan road trip when we're old and retired but we're looking forward to it already. It's so relaxing living the easy life like your Alaskan cabin.

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