Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting moved in...

Well the closing and the move were successful, we are now officially homeowners! It's such a great feeling to be settled again. I love coming home to something that is all mine.

Most of the house is still in boxes but I'm really looking forward to getting our office set up so I can start working again. I had plans to really focus on my business during this time off and instead I have been very sidetracked with other things, like house hunting! Now that I have the house thing out of the way I hope that I can really focus on my business full time. Mike and I had plans to do some traveling and unfortunately we haven't done that either but we are going to try and plan some trips over the next few months.

All of my plans for this year really got messed up after I was laid off. It's really made things confusing and difficult, especially with the wedding planning, but hopefully now that we are settled into our new house we can get back on track.

I promise to post pics of the new house soon, once the boxes are all put away!

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