Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bad blogger...

I know I have been the worst blogger lately. I have the best intentions but I get distracted by other things and I end up ignoring this little blog! You would think being unemployed would actually leave me with more free time but it hasn't!

On the job front, I actually just got a part time job which I am excited about. I had such high hopes for really pushing my business to the next level but sadly, that hasn't happened. Mainly this is due to lack of effort on my part and not just the slow economy.

Since we left New York we have become so preoccupied with other things that I sort of put by business pursuits on the back burner. I am trying to put all of my creative energy into The Design Boards as I am so passionate about interior design, and fashion, and inspiring things and I really love blogging about my finds.

I have to say though, Mike and I just spent the weekend in New York City, visiting friends and hanging out in our old neighborhood and it really did reignite the creative juices. You can't be in New York and not get inspired, there is such an energy that exists there and every where you look there is something interesting and unique to see or explore. It made me really anxious to dive back into creating things. I love soap making and it will always be a part of my business, but as I keep saying, I really want to explore other things like sewing and screen printing and jewelry making. There are so many things that excite me and I want to try them all! For now, I am going to focus on soap making and the holiday season that is quickly approaching! Then I will begin to evaluate what I should focus on because it is still my dream to turn my hobbies into a career.

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