Friday, October 16, 2009

Just checking in...

The wedding is quickly approaching and I am in full planning mode. We have been collecting candlesticks and milk glass vases and mason jars and wine boxes....I scour Ebay and the local thrift stores constantly for anything vintage I can find. I really hope that all the planning and collecting and preparing will result in the beautiful vision I have in my head!

Today I hit the jackpot at Goodwill, I even snagged a couple of non-wedding goodies like a polaroid camera I had been after (crossing my fingers that it works but it looks like it's in really good condition!) and a really cute vase for the house. It's been rainy and overcast here and my camera battery is dead so I have no pictures for you. One of my goals for after the wedding is to improve my picture taking abilities and to take more photos overall. We paid so much money for our camera and I hate that it only gets used on vacations.

The house is quiet now and I can hear the rain falling pretty hard outside so I'm going to take advantage of these few minutes of peacefulness and enjoy a cup of tea and watch the rain. Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Photo: Flickr

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