Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm hooked...

A couple of weeks ago I found a blog, Lifetime Plastic Bag Abstainer. It's one of those blogs that hooks you right away and you find yourself reading every archived post! One of her posts had some very disturbing facts about chocolate and the importance of fair-trade chocolate. Apparently 70% of the world's chocolate comes from West African nations where forced child labor is common on cacoa farms.

So lately, to satisfy my sweet tooth, I have been on the lookout for chocolate that is fair trade and that contains as few synthetic ingredients as possible (i.e. no high fructose corn syrup!) I have heard a lot of talk about Scharffen Berger chocolate so I checked out the ingredients list and was pleased to find that the soy lecithin in it came from non-gmo sources and that it practiced sustainability in crop selection. Added bonus...the chocolate is AWESOME!!! Wow! It's so rich and smooth that I only needed to have one small piece to satisfy my craving. The chocolate is pricey, I paid $6.69 for 1 bar (Thank you Manhattan for your over inflated prices!) You can order directly online for $4.50 a bar but I guess you would have to pay shipping. It's worth it to know that I'm buying a high quality product that practices fair labor and sustainability. I'm hooked!

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