Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missing you

I've been missing my little blog lately...I've just been so crazy with other projects (i.e. wedding & honeymoon planning!) that I haven't really had the time or energy to post here and the day-to-day life of me has been rather uninspiring lately. I really don't want to bore everyone with a 2 paragraph post about what I had for breakfast so the posting here has been light but that doesn't mean I've been slacking!

If you pay any attention to the sidebars of this blog you will see that I have been slowly adding to the "curing rack." I am determined not to let my new year's resolutions slip through the cracks this year! I even sustained a minor soaping injury this weekend to prove it. A 10 pound soap mold dropped onto my stove and my ring finger got caught in the middle of it all, the soap mold won and I almost lost my finger nail!

I've also started a new blog and while I'm not totally committed to it at this point, it's something I am passionate about and have been wanting to do for so long. It's slow getting started but I am blaming the all-consuming wedding planning, it's my new excuse for everything!

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homemade lye soap said...

I really love visiting your soap box Kopah. I am not seeing TV for a while.

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pretty picture!