Thursday, January 28, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Well now that February is almost upon us I thought it would be nice to finally share my new years goals.  I don't like to call them resolutions, if I call them goals then I have an easier time sticking to them....don't ask why!  So, it is a new year and this marks a year of a lot of new beginnings for me and my family.  I really want to dedicate this year to my shop and my blogs.  I had high hopes for this same thing last year but as you know, many things got in the way.  It seems that now I can finally find the time and energy to focus on these things.  Here are some of the goals I have set forth for this year....

1. Read books - I had not the time or energy to focus on one of my favorite hobbies last year, this year I really want to make an effort to lose myself in a good book from time to time
2. Learn how to take beautiful pictures
3. Grow a beautiful and abundant garden
4. Learn calligraphy - This is something I have always been interested in, when we lived in New York I was going to take classes, there aren't any offered here in Florida so I will have to teach myself
5. Bake and cook
6. Use my Polaroid camera - I have collected three now from Goodwill, I have yet to buy any film to test them out but am so eager to start shooting with them
7. Decorate our home and make it a lovely, cozy, warm, reflection of us and our personalities.
8. Make my blogs beautiful and inspiring places to visit
9. Improve my writing, find my voice, make my blogs a reflection of that
10.  Find more time for my hobbies and interests - Sometimes I lose focus and forget to have fun with crafting and other hobbies, this is something I want to focus on this year
11. Explore more crafting projects
12. Take up knitting again, take another class to brush up on my skills
13. Sew more often, try to make a piece of clothing
14. Take a flower arranging class
15. Throw beautiful parties, entertain with friends more often, be like Martha :)
16. Create a studio where I can make and create and be inspired
17. Get through our home renovations without filing for divorce or going gray!
18. Become conversational in German - I am visiting Germany in December, I really would like to speak fluently with my new in-laws!
19. Practice yoga, play tennis, stay active

I am sure this list will continue to grow as we move through the year.  I really want this year to be about me and Mike and enjoying our life, and the home we are creating, our friends and family, and all the little things that we might usually take for granted.  This past year, as difficult as it was, has really made me appreciate all the things we have, nothing is inconsequential anymore.  I am thankful for everything.  My life is good.

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